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I have two free downloads of my books related to why I created the Team of Angels pins and the poems that accompany them. Yes, 125, 000 of them are flying around the world bringing comfort and hope to people who are feeling overwhelmed – like I was when I wrote the original poem/prayer titled A Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed and 300 other Team of Angels poems.





My daughter Robin went with me to Arkansas. Oh, seems like only yesterday. I had an exciting life. I spoke at a lot of conferences related to writing, day care and issues about women and parenting topics. I always seemed to be able to negotiate into the agreement that they purchase an airline ticket for me and one of my children.




Best place to buy these books is on-line. Probably for a couple of dollars. All of the how-to content is still great. You might just want to find up-to-date organization and regulatory resources on the Internet.


Please send email to me: theangelpinlady@gmail.com
Cost of ebook: $3.99

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  • Ellen Bluestone: Only Patricia Gallagher could have written this. It's warm, heartfelt, encouraging, wise, and funny. Thank you!
  • bginnj: Good one!
  • Trudi Puffer: For a fun, creative, nature-based craft activity, build fairy houses-small dwellings made from natural materials with hopes of attracting fairy visito